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Photo courtesy of Ben Cherry

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Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium                                                                                             Oct 2021 - Oct 2025

PhD in Engineering Sciences

Thesis: Forecasting trade-offs between the food-energy-water-environment nexus and opportunities for adaptation


University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England                                                                                         Oct 2019 - Dec 2020

MPhil in Biological Sciences (Zoology)

Thesis: The effect of microplastic pollution on the ecosystem services of freshwater mussels

University of Oxford, Oxford, England                                                                                                          Oct 2016 - Jun 2019

BA in Biological Sciences

Dissertation: Ecological determinants of avian malaria prevalence and diversity in eastern Australia

City College Brighton and Hove, Brighton, England                                                                                  Sep 2014 - Jul 2015

Art Foundation in Fine Art

Varndean College, Brighton, England                                                                                                           Sep 2012 - Jul 2014

International Baccalaureate




Burivalova, Z.,  Allnutt, T., Rademacher, D., Schlemm, A., Wilcove, D.S., Butler, R. (2019). What works in tropical forest conservation, and what does not: Effectiveness of four strategies in terms of environmental, social, and economic outcomes. Conservation Science and Practice 

Oberhauser, F.B., Schlemm, A., Wendt, S. et al. (2019). Private information conflict: Lasius niger ants prefer olfactory cues to route memory. Animal Cognition 

In 2022 I will be lead author on two publications and co-author on two. These will address issues ranging from aquatic plastic pollution, to island conservation, and the nature's role in the SDGs.

Non-academic publications include writing for The Oxford Scientist and BluSci, examples of which can be found on my blog, and writer at Terra Incognita, where I was a finalist for their Travel Blogger of the Year writing competition. 


Scientific Exploration Society (£5,000/€5,900/$6,500), Berlin Zoo (£2,000/€2,300/$2,600), Oxford University Exploration Council (£2,000/€2,300/$2,600), and Heidelberg Zoo (£2,000/€2,300/$2,600) —For conservation research in French Polynesia


Christ Church Travel and Study Grants (£6,000/€7,100/$7,800) —For scientific research in America, Oceania, and Europe


Oxford University Zoology Travel Grant Fund (£500/€590/$650) —For avian malaria research in Australia

Academic Scholar (£600/€710/$780) —Awarded by Christ Church for attaining a distinction in exams


Christ Church Disbursement Grant (£3,500/€4,100/$4,600) —For Christ Church Arts Week 2019


  • UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Cambridge, England                                           Mar 2021- May 2021

Associate Programme Officer in the UNEP WCMC Science team, working on ecosystem services and biodiversity.

  • UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Cambridge, England                                            Dec 2020- Mar 2021

Intern in the UNEP WCMC Science team, mapping nature's contributions to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals within protected areas. The work involves working with spatial datasets in QGIS, Co$tingNature, and WaterWorld, and will result in a scientific publication to be used by policy makers and academics.

  • University of Cambridge, Cambridge,  England                                                                               Oct 2019 - Dec 2020 Graduate student


Environmental research investigating the impact of microplastic pollution on  the ecosystem services of freshwater mussels (Dreissena bugensis). I investigated the impact of polyethylene pollution on clearance rate and biodeposition of mussels. This work will inform on the impacts of increasing plastic pollution on ecosystem functioning. The findings will be published in due course.

  • Institute for European Environmental Policy, Brussels,  Belgium                                                           Jul 2019 - Aug 2019 Environmental ​Policy intern


Work at the interface of science and policy with the IEEP in Brussels. Undertook research in EU biodiversity policy and the bio economy, with a focus on good ecological approaches that support environmental conservation and ecosystem services. Investigated policy opportunity links between supporting biodiversity and addressing climate change.


  • University of Oxford, Oxford, England                                                                                                           Jun 2019 - Jul 2019 Environmental metabolomics researcher


Metabolomics laboratory work in the McCullagh Group at the Department of Chemistry (University of Oxford) under the supervision of Dr. David Hauton. Undertook gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) metabolomic analysis, from sample preparation through to statistical analysis. Studied oyster samples exposed to varying levels of aquatic pollutants and parasite load. Findings will be published in due course.

  • ​University of Oxford, Oxford, England                                                                                                           Jul 2019 - Dec 2018 Avian malaria field and laboratory researcher


Study of avian malaria in eastern Australia. Assisted in the mist netting, banding, and bleeding of birds in order to collect morphological data and blood samples for subsequent analysis. Undertook the fieldwork in collaboration with Dr William Feeney.


Undertook two months of lab work in the Clegg Lab in the Department of Zoology (University of Oxford). Ammonium acetate precipitation method was used for DNA extraction, which was followed by a series of Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR) to screen for avian malaria infection. If the sample harboured an infection, this was prepared and sent for Sanger sequencing.

The results were analysed in the context of the ecological determinants of avian malaria prevalence, with particular emphasis on the effects of urbanisation, habitat fragmentation, and climate change. For this I developed a novel urbanisation index. Findings will be published  in due course.

  • Research Expedition, Marquesas Archipelago, French Polynesia                                                           Aug 2018 - Sep 2018  Lead scientific officer and medical officer

Independent six week long expedition to study the threats facing island species by surveying the last remaining population of the endemic and critically endangered ultramarine lorikeet (Vini ultramarina) and iphis monarch (Pomeara iphis), for which I was the lead scientific officer and medical officer.   


Raised over £15,000 in funds to support expedition to one of the most remote islands in the world. Designed and implemented scientific methodology, including line transects, point counts, and occupancy modeling in order to survey the avian populations and to explore conservation threats.

As well as employing scientific survey methods, we documented the conservation success on the Marquesas Islands through photo essays and a film documentary. Worked with islanders, local conservation agency, La Société d'Ornithologie de Polynésie Manu (SOP Manu), and BirdLife International. Findings will be published in due course.                

  • Regensburg University, Regensburg, Germany                                                                                          Aug 2017 - Sep 2017 Animal behaviour researcher


Investigated the conflict of private information in the ant Lasius niger. Information use during foraging was studied through behavioural experiments, where it was established whether the ants prioritised route memory or associative memory.


The research was done in the Animal Comparative Economic Lab, under the supervision of Tomer Czaczkes at the University of Regensburg. I am co-author on a paper in Animal Cognition.


Undertook research evaluating the effectiveness of different conservation strategies, with a particular emphasis on protected areas and the impact on social, economic, and environmental variables. 

We worked with environmental science news outlet Mongabay to publish an article on the research and create a visualisation to communicate the findings to a non scientific audience.

Additionally, I undertook an independent project working in bioacoustics. The projects were undertaken in David Wilcove's lab, affiliated with the Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (STEP) program, working closely with Zuzana Burivalova. I am co-author on a paper in Conservation Science and Practice.


  • Raised a £15,000 (€17,800/$19,700) budget for conservation research and documentary production in French Polynesia. Researcher and drone pilot for short conservation documentary set in French Polynesia. Additionally, developed the website content, design, and logo for the conservation expedition.

  • Science writer at The Oxford Scientist and Blusci, student science magazines at the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. 

  • Member of the Department of Zoology, the Aquatic Ecology laboratory, and Queens’ College (University of  Cambridge) environmental sustainability team and green lab team.


Work includes campaigning for fossil fuel divestment,  promoting socially and environmentally responsible financial investments, and reducing the environmental impact of laboratory research.

  • Researcher involved in data collection and analysis on climate science research for The Ripple App. I am the Biodiversity Data Analysis team leader, organising 10 volunteer researchers within a larger Data Analysis team of 30 students.

This will take high-level research done by scientists about areas such as life cycle analysis and carbon emission calculations. The app interface aims to give people access to data and clear graphics that validate and track how their lifestyle changes are instrumental in securing a greener future.

  •  Arts Representative for Christ Church (University of Oxford), organising art talks, workshops, and   film screenings   throughout the academic year.

  • President and treasurer of Christ Church Arts Week committee, organising the first Christ Church Arts Week in over four years, raising and handling a £3,500 (€4,100/$4,600) budget, managing a team of 25 students and collaborators, and coordinating 28 events. 


For our digital advertising campaign, I wrote content, worked with Facebook Advertising, adapted graphics using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, and advertised the events using email, messenger, and Facebook.

Events from this that are particularly close to my heart include working with the Wilderness Archive on a discussion on the importance of creativity in conservation and understanding the interconnectedness of ecosystems at both a local and international level. 

  • On the access and outreach team at Christ Church (University of Oxford) and the Aquatic Ecology laboratory (University of Cambridge), helping with tours, biology talks, and university interviews.

  • Panelist speaker at the Royal Geographical Society’s Explore 2018 conference, and speaker at the Oxford University Exploration Club, discussing biological fieldwork principles and conservation research in French Polynesia with young and seasoned explores and conservationists.

  • Tortoise representative for Christ Church (University of Oxford), as appointed by the Dean.

  • IB Biology teacher for Lanterna Education and as private tutor, independently planning lessons, preparing revision resources and activities, and marking work for individual students and classes of up to 15 students.


German Saturday School teacher in Brighton, preparing craft activities for young children and undertaking all teaching in German.

  • Work experience at the Sea Life Centre in Brighton. Provided care for vertebrate animals and invertebrates, involved in water monitoring and control, public feeding, live food protocols, cleaning displays, and general maintenance of the tanks.

  • Care worker for Allied Healthcare. Cared for elderly and sick individuals in their own homes, supporting their physical and emotional needs.


Dr David Aldridge                                                                                                                                 +44 (0) 1223 (3)34436

Senior Lecturer in Aquatic Ecology                                                                                                              

Professor Kayla King                                                                                                                           +44 (0) 1865 (2) 81988

Professor of Evolutionary Ecology                                                                                                    

Professor Stephen Harris                                                                                                                       +44 (0) 1865 275131

Associate Professor in Plant Sciences                                                                                  

Dr Sonya Clegg                                                                                                                                       +44 (0) 1865 (2) 81538

Associate Professor of Evolutionary Ecology                                                                              

Dr Zuzana Burivalova                                                                                                                      

Principal Investigator of the Sound Forest Lab                                

Dr Tomer Czackes                                                                                                                                   +49 941 943 2461  Animal Comparative Economics lab leader                                                                                        


Hiking; rock climbing; kayaking; scuba diving; drawing; painting; bird watching; piano; and photography.


Native speaker level English and German, working knowledge French and Spanish.


Thanks for having a look, please do drop me an email if you're interested in working together on any exciting scientific or media related ventures.


I'd love to hear from you,

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